Simple services to make things a little easier

Super Simple Service is a cloud platform that integrates simple services to help you do your tasks.

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You can make a simple form. You will receive a notification when the form is submitted. By default, submitted data will not be saved in our cloud.


You can make a simple JSON resource and can use it from your website. This service enable to update your contents without deployment.

Page for

You can create a simple page for someone. This service is useful for exclusive messages such as invitations or seasonal messages.


You can upload image files and get their public URLs. This services is a simple storage for photos.


Chart is a simple service for visualizing daily data as charts. You can compare your data with the previous period, display totals, and more. Charts can also be published as a dashboard.
How It Works
You can use our services immediately after signing up.
The only cost is the amount of each service you use. We do not have a price plan table to unlock our features.
Now Super Simple Service is beta version, so all services are available without payment.