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Super Simple Service is a cloud platform with multiple simple services. You can create customizable Forms, Websites, Charts, Json API, and more. They help you focus on your ideas.

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Super Simple Service


Form - Super Simple Service


You can make a simple form. You will receive a notification when the form is submitted. By default, submitted data will not be saved in our cloud.
Variable - Super Simple Service


You can make a simple JSON resource and can use it from your website. This service enable to update your contents without deployment.
Site - Super Simple Service


Site is a service that makes it easy to create a website. You can easily create webpages ranging from informational pages to temporary pages such as invitations and greeting cards.
Photo - Super Simple Service


Photo is simple file storage service. You can store public files or private files. When you upload a file, you can get public URL or time-limited URL immediately.
Chart - Super Simple Service


Chart is a simple service for visualizing daily data as charts. You can compare your data with the previous period, display totals, and more. Charts can also be published as a dashboard.
Subscription - Super Simple Service


Subscription is a simple update subscription service. You can create a subscription form and deliver website updates to your subscribers. We support message delivery via email and chat service's webhooks.

How It Works

You can use our services immediately after signing up.
The only cost is the amount of each service you use. We do not have a price plan table to unlock our features.
Our service aims to make it easier for you to execute your ideas by making it a pay-as-you-go service rather than a fixed cost.
Now Super Simple Service is beta version, so all services are available without payment.

Need support?

Let us know if you need support.