Terms of Service

ARTICLE 1. Application of Agreement

  1. These terms of use of SuperSimpleService (hereby referred to as Terms of Use) are applicable to all all uses of the services (Defined below in Article 2) provided by One Lab co. ltd. (hereby referred to as The Company)
  2. The user shall use services in accordance with this agreement and will not be able to use these services unless they adhere and agree to this statement. It is assumed that the user has consented to this agreement while using these services.
  3. In addition the user will comply and agree to the service guide and so on. (Defined in ARTICLE 2)

ARTICLE 2. Definition

The Definitions of the Terms of Services is as follows:

  1. "The website" includes the site operated by our company (https://supersimpleservice.com and the domain associated with the website) If the domain is changed at any time it is still included within the term of 'our website'
  2. "Anti-Social Forces" will be defined as any of the following: organized crime groups, any member involved in violent or crimes otherwise, any companies involved with or affiliated with organized or violent crime, members of organized crime syndicates, general assembly houses of mafia and associated groups, social movement or activity forces, specialized intelligence crime organizations and the like.
  3. "Law" will hereby be defined as laws, notifications, guidelines, and other juridical and administrative regulations.
  4. "This contract" will refer to the contract regarding the use of these services between The Company and the user, established and based on this agreement.
  5. "Service" will hereby be defined as the service provided by the company under the name of "SuperSimpleService" (This included the changed name if the name is changed at any time in the future)
  6. "Service Guide" will refer to the guide, guidelines, manuels, user guides, precautions, and other information regarding the use of this service as notified to the user.
  7. "User" will refer to a person who has consented to this agreement, applied for the use of this service via the guidelines instilled by the company, and has their application been accepted by the company.
  8. "User information" refers to the description as defined in ARTICLE 4.

ARTICLE 3. Establishment of Contract

A contract will be established when the Company receives an application for the use of services from a person who wishes to register as a user of said services. Users must submit an application and be approved by the company.

ARTICLE 4. User Information

  1. The user shall provide all information requested by the company at the time of their application to then be used as outlined in the proceeding article. (Hereinafter referred to as 'user information') If information formerly provided changes while using the services, that information will be promptly provided. The company will notify users of changes. The company is not liable for damages as a result of the failure to give the company notice of changes.
  2. The handling of personal information of users by our company shall be in accordance with the privacy policy(https://onelab.co.jp/privacy/)seperately established by our company. The user shall also agrees to handle personal information provided by our company in accordance with the privacy policy.
  3. The user must agree to The company will be able to freely use the information about that user acquired by the company in regards to the use of this service after statistical processing.
  4. The user shall promptly respond to the requests that the company will make regarding provision of materials, need for information, etc. This data is necessary for the provision of our service as well as other measures. Under the circumstances that the company is unable to provide services due to the failure of the user to provide materials and information, the company will not be liable for suspension of service.

ARTICLE 5. Charges for use of service

  1. The fee for this service and its payment deadline (billing date) shall be determined in the content provided to the user by the company at the time of application for the use based on Article 3. The user will pay the fee for this service via the method specified by the company at the time of application based on Article 3 or the method separately specified within this service guide. The responsibility of the fee required for payment will be borne by the user.
  2. The user shall bore the cost for communication as well as the communication equipment required for use of this service.
  3. In the event of a user delayed payment, set forth in paragraph 1 of this article, the user shall pay the delay reparations based on 14.6% per year (a 365 day prorated calculation) to the company on top of their regularly scheduled payment price.
  4. In any case, the company will not issue partial or full refunds to the user. The company will also not lose the right to claim outstanding fees.

ARTICLE 6. Changes to Terms

  1. The company reserves the right to change this agreement, (this includes matters related to the charges and fees of this service. The same shall apply hereinafter within this article) at any time of the following items apply. The changed 'Terms of Use' will apply to the terms of use of the user and other contents of this agreement.
    1. When changes to these Terms are in the general interest of the user.
    2. When the changes of this agreement acts contradictory to the purpose of this agreement and there is a necessity for change. The appropriateness and rationality of the contents of the changed terms are logically sound.
  2. When making changes outlined in the preceding paragraph, The company shall notify the user of the contents of the changed Terms of Use and of the effective date said changes were made. The notice period will be of at least fourteen days before the expiration of the previous terms of use. Over time the results of these changed terms will apply.

ARTICLE 7. Management of ID and Password

  1. The user shall bear all responsibility for the use and management of their individual ID and password assigned to them by the company. Any action performed while using an ID and password will be regarded as actions of the user it belongs to. The user will content to this assumption.
  2. The user shall never allow a third party access to the use of their ID or password that was assigned to them. The user shall not transfer, set collateral or otherwise dispose of their personal information (ID and password) for gain.

ARTICLE 8. Prohibited Acts

When using this service, the user shall not perform the acts that are specified below. This is inclusive of acts that may lead to or induce actions as well as preparations for acts outlined below)

  1. Acts that violate the laws and regulations applicable to users
  2. Acts of using this service as a means for criminal activity or organized crime.
  3. Acts of reporting false or incomplete information when using this service.
  4. Acts of sending or displaying false information and the like on this service.
  5. Acts of acquiring necessary information for the use of this service by other users or third parties.
  6. Acts of sending, displaying, or otherwise compromising personal information necessary for the use of this service.
  7. Acts that violate social norms, public order, morals and are otherwise unsavory.
  8. Acts of sending or displaying compromising information that is commonly and reasonably understood to be unpleasant, to third parties
  9. Acts that infringe on the intellectual property rights or any other rights of the company, its users, or connected third parties.
  10. Posting tools, programs, and the like, that interfere with the functions of software or hardware used by our company, other users or connected third parties.
  11. Reverse engineering, decomplinging, disassembling, and similar acts toward information used for this service.
  12. Acts that destroy or interfere with the functionality of this service or our service and networks.
  13. The use of any unintentionally (included but not limited to; defects, bugs, and malfunctions) or intentionally tempered data or programs that have no been approved by the company. (hereinafter referred to as 'illegal use' ) As well as acts for the purpose of gaining benefits for oneself or a third party.
  14. The act of developing or distributing and the use of tools and programs for the purpose of unauthorized use. Or the act of inducing, soliciting, or assisting a third party in these acts. As well as any and all acts that maybe cause such opportunities.
  15. Acts of using this service for any purpose different from the original purpose that the service has been provided for.
  16. The use of this service while using the ID and password of another user.
  17. Obtaining the ID and password of this service from other users.
  18. Acts that directly or indirectly provide benefits to antisocial forces in connection with this service.
  19. Acts that damage the honor or credibility of the company, other users, or affiliated third parties.
  20. The transmission of obscene drawings, words, or expressions.
  21. The transmission of fraudulent, violent, or threatening expressions.
  22. The act of posting or displaying information that leads to sites that the company deems inappropriate, such as adult sites, click fraud sites, and sites that aim to spread viruses or other harmful computer programs.
  23. The act of copying, reprinting, or redistributing the service itself or the information provided by the service without the consent of the company, regardless of whether it is an officially copyrighted work or not.
  24. Any and all other acts that the company deems to be reasonably inappropriate.

ARTICLE 9. Warranty Statement

The user accepts and guarantees that the following contents are not included in the information that is provided to the company by the user. The information that is transmitted or displayed is the responsibility of the user and the user can be penalized if the following occurs.

  1. Content that violate or may violate laws and regulations
  2. Content that infringes or may infringe on intellectual property rights or any other rights of the company, other users, or third parties.
  3. False or incomplete content
  4. Content that violates social norms or public order and morals.
  5. Content that is reasonably understood to be offensive to a third party
  6. Content that infringes on the intellectual property rights or other rights of the company, other users, or third parties.
  7. Content that may affirm, glorify or encourage antisocial forces.
  8. Content that damages the honor or credibility of the company, other users, or third parties.
  9. Other content that is deemed inappropriate by the company itself.

ARTICLE 10. Termination and Interruption of Service

  1. The company shall be able to terminate service and their discretion
  2. The company shall be able to temporarily suspend all or part of the service without advanced notification to the user in the event of any of the following
    1. When performing regular or urgent maintenance related to the service
    2. When the service is overloaded due to excessive access or unexpected factors
    3. When it is necessary to ensure the security of the user
    4. When telecommunication services are unavailable
    5. When it is difficult to provide service due to major events such as epidemics, natural disasters, revision of laws and regulations etc.
    6. Any or all cases where the company deems it reasonably necessary in accordance with the preceding items.
  3. The company shall not be liable for any damages caused to the user via the measures of the company based on this article

ARTICLE 11. Cancelation of Registration

  1. The company shall be able to cancel the user's registration in this service without prior notice to the user when any of the following terms apply.
    1. When the user a) fails to pay their registration fee b) commits a prohibited act c) violates any provision of this agreement (including but not limited to any violation of representation and warranty)
    2. If or when it has been found that the user has been unregistered or suspended from use of this service or other services provided by the company in the past.
    3. If or when the user is undergoing legal seizure, provisional seizure, provisional disposition, tax delinquency, disposition, or any other disposition with the authority.
    4. When a petition for bankruptcy, civil rehabilitation, corporate reorganization, or social liquidation is filed.
    5. When the act of dissolution (except in the case of a merger), a transfer of the entire business, or a resolution thereof occurs.
    6. When payment is suspended due to non-delivery of bills or checks written and cashed by oneself.
    7. When business is suspended or the business license or business registration is revoked by the regulatory agency.
    8. If the user has not used this service for more than six months.
    9. If the company has contacted the user for a response but has not received a response for over 30 days.
    10. In addition, when the company finds that it is reasonably inappropriate for the user to use this service.
  2. In addition to the provisions in the preceding paragraph, The Company shall be able to cancel the user's registration by notifying the user 14 days or more in advance.
  3. In the case where the user has encountered a reason that falls under any point listed in paragraph one, instead of being canceled as stated in the above paragraph, the service of the user may be provided during the specified period according to the company, without prior notice to the user. The user agrees, in advance, that the full amount of the service fee will be incurred even if the service is terminated.
  4. The company shall not be liable for damage caused to the user by the measures taken by the company based on this article.

ARTICLE 12. Contents and Specifications

The company may change the contents and the specifications of their services (including but not limited to the contents and specifications related to the support of this service) without notice, the user shall not be able to object to this condition.

ARTICLE 13. Consignment

The company shall be able to outsource all or part of their business related services to a third party at the discretion of the company itself.

ARTICLE 14. Intellectual Property Rights and Licenses

  1. Intellectual property rights such as patent rights, copyrights design rights, utility model rights, and trademark rights related to this service, shall belong to the company or to a third party who are the formal right holder. Permission to use these rights shall belong to this service. This is not inclusive of intellectual property rights beyond the scope necessary for use of these services by the company.
  2. The user reserves the intellectual property rights for the information they provide such as, texts, images, videos, and so forth, transmitted or displayed by the user regarding this service. However the user shall grant the company all the rights to use the intellectual property to the extent that is necessary for the company to provide and improve the service.
  3. The user may use this service non-exclusively only within the scope of its designated purpose. The user shall not be able to sublicense the use of this service to a third party.
  4. The user shall not copy, adapt, publicly transmit, or otherwise use the content or other information that is distributed by this service beyond the scope necessary for the use of the service itself.
  5. If the user loses their qualification to use this service due to deregistration or termination of their contract, the right to use the service shall also be extinguished.

ARTICLE 15. Disclaimer

  1. This service shall be provided as is. Each function of this service shall be available to the user at the time of provision. The company provides this service to the users assuming that this service fits the specific purpose of the user, has the expected function, achieves the expected result, and does not cause any harm as a result of its use. The company does not guarantee full satisfaction within its service.
  2. If a dispute arises between the user and a third party regarding this service, the user shall resolve it at their own risk and expense. The user shall not cause inconvenience to the company and if damage is suffered by the company, compensation will be made.
  3. The user shall back up their own data at their own expense and responsibility. The company shall not be liable for any loss or damage of data caused by the use of this service, regardless of reason.
  4. The user shall confirm at their own expense and responsibility whether or not they have violated the laws and regulations applicable to them. The user shall self regulate while using this service. The company assumes no responsibility for the actions of the user if they so violate any laws and regulations.
  5. The company does not guarantee the accuracy, currentness, legality, completeness, usefulness or any other standard of the information on the linked websites that may be displayed in this service. The company shall not be liable for any damage cause to the user from a linked website.
  6. The company is legally obligated to compensate for damages to the user (including cases where the company bears the liability for damages due when judgment ruled on the provision of exemption from the company in this agreement is invalid. In order to avoid doubt the provision of exemption from liability for the company stipulates in the case where the company is not considered to be intentional or negligent) even if the company bears liability for damages, the liability for damages is permitted by law. As long as the amount of the fee actually received from the user, within the past three months from the occurrence of the reason for compensation, is within the upper limit and is limited to the range of damage directly incurred by the user. The company does not take any responsibility for occurances and damages outside of these terms.

ARTICLE 16. Third Party Services

  1. This service may cooperate with other services operated by third parties that are not the company. We do not guarantee that such cooperation will continue.
  2. The user shall use third party services at their own risk and the company shall not be liable for any damage caused to the user while using third party services.
  3. The use of third party services shall be in accordance with the terms of use, contract and other specified guidelines agreed upon between the user and the provider of the third party service. The user shall confirm that these contents and services were used at their own risk. The company shall comply with agreed upon terms.

ARTICLE 17. Confidentiality

  1. The user and the company shall not consent to information provided by one another in connection with this agreement. This is clearly stated to be confidential at the time of disclosure (hereinafter referred to as 'confidential information' ). It shall not be used for any purpose other than the use and provision of this service and shall furthermore not be disclosed or leaked to a third party.
  2. Notwithstanding the provision of the preceding paragraph, the following information shall not be included under the term 'confidential information'. However, all personal information shall be categorized as confidential information even in the following cases.
    1. Information that was public knowledge at the time it was received or disclosed.
    2. Information that became public knowledge after or knowingly at the time of disclosure, regardless of the reason for attribution to the person who receive the confidential information.
    3. Information that was previously known at the time of it being disclosed.
    4. Information obtained from a third party with legitimate authority.
    5. Information created, developed or otherwise comes to light regardless of the confidential information of the other party.
  3. Notwithstanding the provisions of Paragraph 1, the user and the company may disclose confidential information based on an order, request, or request of a law by court or a government agency.
  4. Notwithstanding the provisions of Paragraph 1, the company shall be able to use confidential information and provide it to a third party only to the extent previously specified in ARTICLE 13.

ARTICLE 18. Public Relations

Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding article, the company shall be able to use the fact that the user has used this service for any advertising, sales, public relations, and other such activities, before and after the termination of their contract.

ARTICLE 19. Notification Process

  1. When the company notifies the user in connection with the service, the user will be receive an e-mail or document to their e-mail address. The e-mail address will be the one that had been used to register the user's information or the user will be contacted via the method posted on this service or website. The company will carry out action such as this as deemed appropriate.
  2. Notifications carried out by the method set forth in the preceding paragraph will take effect when the content of the notification is posted on the company's website in the former case, and when the company sends an e-mail or document via e-mail in the latter case.

ARTICLE 20. Validity Period

  1. The validity period of this contract shall be determined separately by the company at the time of the user's application for use based on Article 3. The user shall be unable to cancel this contract during the validity period.
  2. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, should the user be canceled or the service terminated, this contract shall be terminated at that time.

ARTICLE 21. Exclusion of Antisocial Forces

  1. The user expresses and warrants that they do not fall under any of the following categories and pledges that they will not do so in the future.
    1. The user and/or the user's parent company, subsidiaries, affiliates, any and all officers or important employees are antisocial forces.
    2. The user and/or the user's parent company, subsidiaries, affiliates, any and all officers or important employees, have relationships that could be socially criticized or compared to antisocial forces.
    3. Five years have not passed since the previous two items have no longer applied.
    4. Performing the following acts or similar acts against the company themselves or buy use of a third party.
      1. Violent demands.
      2. Unreasonable demands beyond legal responsibility.
      3. Acts of threatening behavior or using violence in relation to transactions
      4. Acts of disseminating rumors, using counterfeiting or using power to damage the company's credibility or interfere with the company's business.
  2. The company shall be able to cancel the user's registration for this service if the user violates the preceding paragraph.
  3. The company shall not be liable for any damage caused to the user due to the deregistration based on the preceding paragraph.

ARTICLE 22. Survival Clause

In the event that this contract is terminated, Articles 3 to 5, Article 7- Paragraph 1, Article 8, Article 9, Article 10- Paragraph 3, Article 11- Paragraph 4, and Article 14, Provisions of Article 18, Article 21- Paragraph 3, and this article to Article 25, shall continue to be valid. However, Article 17 shall survive only for three years after the termination of this contract.

ARTICLE 23. Assignment of Rights and Obligations

  1. The user shall, assign, succeed, set collateral or otherwise dispose of the user's rights or obligations under this contract or under the status of the contract to a third party. The user is unable to do this without the prior consent of the company.
  2. When the company transfers business related to this service to a third party, the company transfers all information regarding the status, rights, and obligations under this contract and the user to the transferee (third party) in connection with the transfer of the business. It shall be possible to transfer the aforementioned information and the user shall agree to this in advance.

ARTICLE 24. Separability

  1. If any provision of this agreement or any part thereof is determined to be invalid or unenforceable, that judgment will not affect the other parts or rest of this agreement. The rest of this agreement will remain valid and enforceable. The company shall have this power. The company and the user shall endeavor to ensure the same effect is achieved in accordance with the purpose of the aforementioned invalid or unenforceable clause or part and agree to be bound by the amended terms.
  2. Even in the case that any provision of this agreement or part thereof is determined to be invalid or unenforceable in relation to one user, it will not affect the validity in relation to other users.

ARTICLE 25. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

  1. Japanese law shall be applied in the interpretation and application of this agreement.
  2. The Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Summary Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first instance for any and all disputes regarding this agreement.
Effective: March 19, 2022